About us

Institute of Integrated Management Studies (IIMS) has been set up with a vision to emerge as pre-eminent educationist in field of management with global reach.

IIMS is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Educational Institution that has acquired a distinct place of honor among the different business schools owing to its innovative and empirical approach to its studies.

It has an exemplary record of accomplishment of over the past decade proudly presenting voluminous pragmatic alumni who are working all over globe in different scenarios of management.

Complimented by varied electives to choose from, these programs enable the students to formulate various strategies to tackle crises and enhance strategic vision on problem-solving techniques that are critical to accelerating business growth in an increasingly competitive, international and ever-changing business Landscape. Overall, our curriculum is a outstrip from past in taking an abiding view bent on converting a penchant for management into a lifetime profession.

IIMS offers Professional Certification Programs in Management only.

About us

To be pre-eminent educationist in field of management with global reach.


To develop management professionals through experiential pedagogy to meet emerging challenges of new business environment and encourage them to become “Think Tank”.

We will continue to provide access to an exceptional overseas education; advocate for our students and cultivate their potential; and maintain a productive working environment shaped by the highest ethical and professional standards.

Create an inclusive learning community that inspires students to achieve their educational goals, aspirants and potential as local and global citizens.